Long long ago, two characters were brought together. One was named Caden. The other, Sherlock (not that Sherlock, shut up).

These two came to be when my lil babu all-the-homo-2 (mah Scribbu) was in need of an RP partner. Problem was, I didn’t have any characters that I wanted to use, so I made up Caden on the spot. Now that I think about it, Sherlock wasn’t very fleshed out either. We just wanted to RP c: Anyways, this is the only picture I have of this one-shot character that, honestly, I want to use again. If you’re up for it, Scribbu c:


The sparkle brushes worked c: Thanks heyspacekid!

I doodled a Sylveon cause I wanted to test out some new sparkle brushes, but da brushes didn’t work D: So here, have a doodle-y Sylveon, possibly my favorite Eeveelution c:


Topic: Power Rangers and ponies

I can remember almost nothing from my exposure to the Power Rangers except for the colors and their 4 word theme song, but I wanted to be a goof and participated anyway ^^ Finished in 45 minutes (the challenge today was a 45 minute long one) and I’m happy with the results XD

Colored sketch commission from cornunism of his caribou femboy fursona.




I haven’t drawn many anthros, plus posing and anatomy still escapes me, but I liek dis!


Topic: King’s Quest

One of the facts included in the post about this game is that there is an annoying owl companion, and since ponies are still allowed for no-pone challenges, I decided to draw Twilight with her own owl companion! I wanted to dress Owlowiscious as the owl from the game, but I didn’t ahve enough time ^^; I also couldn’t get Twilight’s cutie mark in there either, but hey, do you know any OTHER canon alicorns that have bangs like that? No? Didn’t think so o3o

Well today I was going to Best Buy to buy a new tablet since I managed to have a little extra cash after my scooter sold, but I didn’t think that I’d find one that I’ve never heard of: a Tooya Pro Graphics Tablet! Thing was selling for $80 (almost a whole $100 cheaper than the one I was intending to get!) and is almost like new! So, I tried it out by drawing Pinkie Pie as fast as I could (maybe 20 minutes), and I gotta say, it’s a great tablet! It’ll take a while for me to get used to it because it’s so much thinner than my old tablet, and the pen is battery-op, not to mention the active area is fucking HUGE, but I think I’m going to like it!

-Big active area (16x9 if I’m not mistaken)
-Thin, lightweight, and somewhat flexible
-Lightweight pen
-Transparent active area that you can lift to slip use to trace an image

Cons (so far):
-You have to put the pen fairly close the tablet for it to recognize it.
-Pen sensitivity is very light, have to press fairly firmly to get a good line.
-Tracing an image makes the image slightly distorted from the original.

The cons are more or less what you could expect before playing with configurations, but I haven’t yet, so I’ll have to go see what settings I can change and see if I can make it a little better! But so far, this is a really good tablet! I recommend to get it if you want a large work area but don’t want to spend $200+!


Topic: Nurse ponies

I came in like half an hour late to the challenge , but I was lucky it was a 45 minute one today, so I had JUST enough time to get this little shit doodle done XD; It’s that plump purple nurse pone from the “Read It And Weep” episode, y’know the really cute chubby one? Yeh dat one o3o I was frustrated cause I couldn’t get what I WANTED to get done because my parents insisted on staying in my room while I drew, so I got a little irritated and let the pony speak for me.


Topic: Metroid

I’m so used to drawing ponies for these challenges, but today was no-pone and I was going to participate anyway, so here’s a Samus in that suit (I think it’s called a Zero suit) complaining about how tight it is. This is also practice with humans cause holy shit I suck so badly at them. I used a tip I got from a friend to draw her body more proportionally correct….at least torso-wise. I still need practice with arms and heads TwT Weh. Slowly but surely.



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